Alcohol Free

Posted: 27th February 2011 by Team RaceLegal in People of RaceLegal
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Part of what keeps law enforcement from bothering our racers after they leave or before the arrive at our site, is that they know this is a drug & alcohol free zone.  Many of our racers know when they leave here, CHP and local SDPD have an understanding with us that they will allow our drivers a safe trip home without bothering them.  They would rather you participate here and make it too and from, than to be out there on the streets.  RaceLegal events are drug/alcohol free events. Anyone abusing this policy will be cited by Law Enforcement. Alcohol/Drugs and the safer and sanctioned RaceLegal alternative to illegal street racing do not mix – period. There is “0″ tolerance when it comes to this “Code of Conduct.” Your cooperation is imperative. Thank you in advance for your compliance.

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