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Posted: 27th February 2011 by Team RaceLegal in People of RaceLegal
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10News honors Lydia DeNecochea for serving as the Program Director for San Diego’s program. In 2002, there were 3,500 San Diego youth actively involved in Illegal Street racing activity and 16 young San Diego people were killed and another 31 were seriously injured. The not-for-profit program serves as the safer and sanctioned track alternative to Illegal Street racing in San Diego.The program was initiated in 1998, and since then DeNecochea has been actively involved as the Program Director. events routinely attract 250 young racers and 2,500 spectators who would logically be on the street is the Qualcomm Stadium events were not available. DeNecochea’s program is about saving the needless loss of young lives and has been most successful to that end.  DeNecochea was solely responsible for getting two mothers of Illegal Street racing involved crash victims actively involved in the effort to secure strong city/county government Illegal Street racing ordinances passed. Peggy Klein Martinez lost her daughter Becky and Debbie Hanson lost her son, Brian and saw her son Michael seriously injured as a director of Illegal Street racing involved crashes in San Diego.

The program has been influential in the turn around from 16 young San Diego people killed and another 31 seriously injured as a director of illegal street races gone bad in 2002, to zero fatalities and only 3 serious injuries over the past 22 month period. Today organized Illegal Street racing in San Diego has been reduced by 99%.Lydia works as a spokesperson for the program. She works 10 hour plus days and as many as 21 hours on race days. Lydia is salaried as the Program Director of, but her efforts on behalf of the program and her community are priceless. In addition, DeNecochea serves as the non-salaried Executive Director and Secretary for the 501 © 3 Center for Injury Prevention which houses the Program.Lydia sacrifices her time from being a single parent of two teenagers and assumes custodial care for her 80 year-old mother, in order to keep the program in operation. She continues to put her countless efforts into the program in order to continue with its success.For more information, please contact Lydia DeNecochea at (619) 265-8159 or visit

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