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Thanks to many years of building our events here in San Diego, we have grown to understand what our people want.  So we are beginning to understand that our spectators want to see much more at our events.  Something more alive while people run their times on the straight track.  We have decided to test a few new track possibilities.  As many of you know, the state is no long funding our program.  Everything down to the rental of lights and the lot itself adds up rapidly.  Our program could only hope we relied solely on volunteers, but we cannot.  We need responsible and reliable staff who can spend countless hours setting up each event, and then breaking down once everyone leaves.  Our expenses have made it hard to implement new programs and events.

NEW SPECTATOR FEE: $10.00 for Adults (Click Here for Information), Kids 5 and under, FREE.  Racing FEES for this race: $30.00 for Standard Track.

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