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Please donate that auto, boat, or RV that is no longer needed to! 
Receive maximum legal tax deductions and possibly a partial cash payment. Please call toll free, 866 244-8464. Free towing or pick up seven days a week at your convenience

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*All emails received will be directed to the appropriate people

>All Race/Tech information, Vendor info, Sponsorship, Media and Inquiries (attn: “Lydia”)

>Community Service and Volunteer positions contact (attn: “Darrin”)

Office Phone               619 265 8159

Meet the Staff

Lydia D. Executive Director
Darrin H. Director of Operations
 Buck H. Electronics/Front Line
Roger G. Lead Tech Inspection
Phoenix V.   Numbers
Andrea S. Registration Lead






*RaceLegal employees make every effort to respond promptly to emails. Depending on the amount received dictates the reply time. Same day response is not guaranteed.

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