Racing Requirements

By Team RaceLegal
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All drivers of driven-in race cars must provide:

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Current Registration

All drivers of trailered-in & out race cars MUST provide:

  • Valid Driver’s License


All minors interested in racing (must have driving permit or license with a parent) or being a passenger (14 years of age — only with a parent) are required to have a minor consent form signed by their parent or legal guardian. Note: Maximum one registered passenger per race car only.

There are two ways to complete a minor consent form:

  1. The parent/legal guardian (with identification or court orders for legal guardianship) is welcome to sign in front of a staff representative.
  2. The minor consent form is mailed or picked up prior to the event and must be returned signed and notarized prior to participating.

All minor consent forms must be original. If you are interested in receiving a minor consent form via mail please contact the office at 619-265-8159 or send an email to

Technical Requirements

The technical requirements differ by vehicle, category and speed. Due to track safety requirements vehicles and motorcycles may not run quicker than 6.0 or 115 MPH.

  • Xtreme-Street, 6.00 to 6.40
  • Pro-Street, 6.41 to 6.99
  • Pro Street 2, 7.00 to 7.49
  • Modified Street, 7.50 to 7.99
  • Modified 2 Street, 8.00 to 8.49
  • Modified 3 Street, 8.50 to 8.99
  • Super Street, 9.00 to 9.49
  • Fast Street, 9.50 to 9.99
  • Street Stock (no slicks) 10.00 and above
  • Motorcycles (see bottom of page)
Inspection Item – Automobiles Remarks SFI Spec
All Racers must bring a pen
7.50 & SLOWER  (1/8th mile ET)
Battery Secured
Cut Off Switch (relocated battery)
Radiator Overflow Tank
Dual Throttle Springs IF CARBURETOR
Hoses Secure / No Leaks
Street Legal Exhaust  max 91db
Approved Tires
All Wheel Studs and Nuts
Helmet Snell 2010 or better
Full Face Helmet
Seats Secure
Seat Belt Stock
Window/Window Net
Driveshaft Loop with Slicks
Working Headlight and Taillight
Approved Clothing note 1
No Loose Items
Brake Check
Neutral Safety Switch (AT)
IF db needed / enter reading
Approved Nitrous Bottle note 3
Nitrous Dump Tube note 1 & 2
7.49 – 7.00  (1/8th mile ET)
Driveshaft Loop
5 Point Harness Date: Date Tag Sewn: Y N 16.1
Roll Bar (Convertibles)
After Market Axles
Open Lug Nuts
Arm Restraints (open car)
Bellhousing (SFI Spec, MT) 6.1 6.2 6.3
Clutch (SFI Spec, MT) 1.1 1.2
Flexplate (SFI Spec, AT) 1.1 1.2
Flexplate Shield (SFI Spec, MT) 6.1 6.2 6.3
Protective Clothing – Jacket 3.2A/1
Steel Valve Stems-on drive wheels
Roll Bar
6.99 0 6.41  (1/8th mile ET)
Harmonic Balancer 18.1
Roll Cage & Padding
Fuel System and Shut Off
No Wheel Covers/Center Caps
Trans Shield (AT) 4.1
Window Net 27.1
6.40 – 6.00  (1/8th mile ET)
NHRA chassis # and expiration
NHRA License # and expiration
  • Note 1:

    Full Length Pants T-Shirt or equivalent Closed-toe Shoes. If NOS, Single Layer fire jacket required.

  • Note 2:

    Dump tube must be extended outside of the vehicle if the bottle is mounted in the driver’s compartment. Firewall or dump tube req. if in trunk.

  • Note 3:

    Marked DOT – 1800 psi. If in trunk firewall required. Seat or Sheet Metal across opening. (32 thousands aluminum or 24 thousands steel)

  • Note 4:

    SFI Spec 40.1/1 or 40.1/2 suit or leather jacket, boots/shoes above the ankle, and gloves.

  • Note 5:

    Full leathers or SFI Spec 40.1/2 suit mandatory. Two piece suits must be joined by a zipper at the waist.

  • MT – Manual Transmission
  • AT – Automatic Transmission

 Motorcycle Racers Requirements

All racers must provide:

· Current Driver’s License
· Current Registration

How to use this checklist:

Each race motorcycle will be assigned a fastest allowable elapsed time based on the level of safety equipment carried.  Each item in the list for a particular ET must be present and meet the listed specifications before the motorcycle is allowed to race at that ET index.

Due to safety reasons, racers may not run quicker than 6.00 or 115 MPH.

Inspection Item:

ET 7.00 & Slower  Motorcycle

(Pen required)
Battery Secure
Radiator Overflow Tank
Dual Throttle Springs/Snap Back
Hoses Secure/No Leaks
Street Legal Exhaust max 91 db
Approved Street Tires/NO OFF ROAD KNOBBIES
Chain/Belt Guard
Snell 2010 or better Helmet Full Face with CLEAR Face Shield
Operational Front & Rear Brakes
Front Suspension Min Travel 1.5”
Headlight & Taillight
If db needed enter reading
Protective Clothing: Full Length Pants & Motorcycle jacket or equivalent.  Closed toe boots that cover ankle (no high tops).  If NOS, single layer fire jacket required.  Motorcycle SFI Spec 40.1/1 suit or leather jacket and gloves.
Approved Nitrous Bottle:  Marked DOT – 1800 psi. Firewall required.  Sheet Metal across opening. (32 thousands aluminum or 24 thousands steel).

ET 6.99 – 6.00 Pro Motorcycle

Ignition Shutoff Lanyard
Protective Clothing: Motorcycle Full Leathers or SFI Spec 40.1/1 suit mandatory.  A zipper at the waist must join two-piece suits.


  • Xtreme-Street (6.00 to 6.40)
    • 1st Place
  • Pro-Street (6.41 to 6.99)
    •  1st Place
  • Pro Street 2 (7.00 to 7.49)
    • 1st Place
  • Modified Street (7.50 to 7.99)
    • 1st Place
  • Modified 2 Street (8.00 to 8.49)
    • 1st Place
  • Modified 3 Street (8.50 to 8.99)
    • 1st Place
  • Super Street (9.00 to 9.49)
    • 1st Place
    • 2nd Place
  • Fast Street (9.50 to 9.99)
    • 1st Place
    • 2nd Place
  • Street Stock (10.00 & up)
    • 1st Place
    • 2nd Place
  • Best Reaction Time (.500 is a perfect RT)
    • Car
    • Motorcycle
  • Pro Motorcycle (6.00 to 6.99)
    • 1st Place
  • Motorcycle (7.00 & up)
    • 1st Place

Winner must be present.  Bring your time slips to the registration trailer at 11:00 pm to compete.  

To allow all racers an opportunity to win in their category we observe win 3 in a row and take 3 wins off of accepting a trophy or medal.

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